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People Series: French Artist Thibault Sendra

Once in a while, you meet really great people whose stories are ones you’d love to share with others. In the first of a new monthly series that's simply called, “People,” I sit down with French artist Thibault Sendra. Originally from France, Thibault now calls Vancouver home and is a rising star in the art world. Although he’s only been painting for a few years, his large canvas work is capturing the attention of many in this city and beyond. I stumbled upon his work at the recent Lab Art Show at the Roundhouse and immediately fell in love with his kinetic, abstract work. I recently visited his art studio in East Van where he immerses himself in downtempo beats that allow his sticks and palette knives to dance on canvas; the music is perhaps a source of that kinetic, flowing vibe.

Immediately what you notice is that Thibault is kind, thoughtful, passionate about his work and engaging. He has a curiosity about life but is also a realist - that’s the French side coming out. Although he says it like it is, you don’t sense any ego...

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